About Us

our mission

Here at Phōs apparel co. our mission is to glorify God in everything we do; and to encourage and support others to do the same. As a faith-based apparel company we aim to glorify God by helping to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through wearing thought provoking and conversation stimulating messages about what we believe.

We aim not only to produce the apparel, but also to empower the wearers of the apparel with the meaning behind the messages. So that they may be able to talk to others about Jesus, Christianity, the beliefs we have, and the way we should live out our lives.

We aim to provide a way for Christians to represent their faith by what they wear while providing well-fitting attire with high quality fabrics at reasonable prices. 

current state of the company

We are currently in the start-up phase of our company. Our earnings are at a deficit, and we are raising funds to offer more designs, and more products.

We are in the process of making messages to share on the website to help empower Christians to share their faith with the world around them. To be readers of the word and also to be doers of the word.